What types of companies need a channel partner LMS?

If your company’s products are sold to end users by salespeople or dealerships, or if they require installation, then you’re likely working with a partner channel. Similar to the way in which association members can use an association LMS to learn new skills and gain certifications, your partners can use a partner channel LMS to become experts in your products. 

A channel partner LMS is a particularly useful training solution for companies in manufacturing industries.

Using the different sub-portals of your main channel partner LMS, your company will be able to create and distribute the appropriate training materials to:

  • Sales representatives
  • Dealers who sell to end users
  • Installers and service providers

When you use your channel partner LMS to make learning engaging for each group within your partner channel, you’ll make it easier for your partners to get your product to end users.

Types of Channel Partners

Your channel partners may consist of sales representatives, dealers, installers, or buying groups.

Types of Training

You need to train your partners on your products so they can best represent your company. Product training could be in the form of product information PDFs, training videos, or on-the-job training. 

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