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Expert channel partners power growth.

We know that the relationships between your company and channel partners suppliers, re-sellers, wholesalers, installers, internal employees, and franchisees can make or break your company’s success. That’s why PartnerAmp’s retail LMS is the perfect solution to increase your bottom line.

Why Choose PartnerAmp’s Channel Partner LMS?

When your channel partners have a strong understanding of your products, they’ll be better prepared to connect your business to buyers and end-users. At PartnerAmp, we understand the complexities that arise when training channel partners— not the least of which being the often remote nature. That’s why our channel partner LMS is more than just software.

We’ve developed an entire training ideology to reach (and smash) your company’s goals. Facilitating initial training tailored to specific partners, maintaining ongoing learning, and giving companies unprecedented oversight throughout the process, our retail LMS has shown clients immense growth.

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Best LMS Features for Channel Partners


PartnerAmp’s integration capabilities ensure that your CRM (Salesforce, we’re looking at you) and other systems are all communicating with ease.

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Your partners want the easiest and fastest route to training they can find and that means integrating your systems to simplify their experience. 

Every implementation includes a single-sign on integration to connect our channel partner LMS with your CRM. 


Create Expert Partners

When you choose PartnerAmp, your company is connected to a group of experts in the industry that have been providing learning solutions for 40 years.

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You know your business more than anyone else, and we know training like it’s our business (because it is). Our implementation experts will ask the right questions to ensure your retail LMS system works with you to meet your goals.

This starts in the implementation process where we sit down and discuss your training programs in their current state and our team comes back with a map to guide you to proven partner training success. 



Our team will work with your company to set goals for each type of partner you’re planning to train using PartnerAmp. We help ensure that our retail LMS is bringing you the quickest ROI.

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We know that you mean business and that’s why we start with learning more about your training goals. Are you focused on increasing product knowledge among your channel? Or getting more installers certified? One step at a time, we utilize focus and precision to ensure accurate training results. 


Driven By Data

PartnerAmp offers you comprehensive reporting functionality so that you can best understand your learners.

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We can’t measure the quality of our channel partner LMS without data to back up our beliefs.

We’ve built in an emphasis on quality tracking to ensure your training is delivering value. From recommending accurate training to sending reminders for completion of a certificate program, our built in data toolkit gives you the information you need to ensure learner success.


Documentation & Marketing Collateral

Our retail LMS grants partners access to marketing collateral that they can use in their outreach toward potential customers.

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Utilize our documentation library and “alias” functionality to re-use documentation across training programs. This helps you to streamline and simply your content distribution and ensures you are always working with the most recent document. 


PartnerAmp’s channel partner LMS engages your partners with interactive modules that get them involved in the learning process.

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Nothing increases engagement more than a little competition and quick, easy activities. We’ve built tools to help you re-imagine your training by adding activities like flashcards and memory games or a self-assessment to test basic knowledge comprehension. Have some fun with your product training and encourage competition among your partners. 

Easy Administration

Our channel partner LMS ensures that you can support numerous learner permissions and administrative roles, giving the perfect amount of access to your partner managers.

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Your time is much more valuable working with your partners than sitting around trying to learn a new technology. We make adding training materials easy and you’ll be able to do it in a breeze. Our expert team also provides support whenever you or your channel administrators need it, we are here to see you succeed!


Top-Notch Learner Experience

The responsive design of PartnerAmp ensures top engagement regardless of the devices that your partners use to learn.

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You’re installers and sales reps aren’t going to be sitting at a desktop. They’re likely in the field, using your products or getting ready to sell!

Ensuring they have the information they need at their fingertips is key to their success in your channel partner program. Our retail LMS is mobile-first meaning we design to ensure a seamless experience on any device. 


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