About Us

We Build Tech for Partner Amplification

PartnerAmp is a leading partner technologies and consulting company that is forging a path of innovation in the industry. Our experience and expertise guides our clients to increase their partner program ROI. 

Learning Management

Do you want to increase the revenue you earn from your channel partners? The key is relevant product training automatically delivered to the right person, at the right time.

Partner Relationship Management

Manage and optimize every step of your Partner’s journey.

Lead Management

Track, assign and manage sales leads throughout the entire sales process so no lead is lost, and ROI is optimized.

Turnkey Partner Management

Running out of resources on your team? Let us turnkey your partner program from leads to product training and incentive programs, we can do it all. 

Our Story

We Got Started Because We Want to Make Partner Training Impactful

We have a history in education and training and we’ve noticed a huge gap in product knowledge across the channel partner industry. We’re armed with the knowledge and expertise of content delivery for impactful training and measures to understand your learner’s gaps. Our approach to course design is informed by adult learning theory and focuses on the learner. We develop a thorough understanding of the learning preferences of each client’s target audience before shaping the overall design approach for that program, and as we continue to grow and provide top-notch eLearning solutions, we also promise to continue to listen, develop, and innovate our parnter management solution set so that you can offer the most meaningful and impactful learning experiences to your learners.


Meet The Team

Jon Aleckson

Founder & CEO

Jon has been in the education and training industry for over 40 years with expertise on how to train adult learners for maximum impact to your bottom line. 

Amber Winter

VP of Sales and Service

Amber has worked with over 30 organizations to select the best LMS for their training needs.

Amanda Rogers


Amanda helps our clients implement software on time and on budget with the tools they need to maximize their ROI. 

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