What are the most important features to look for in a channel partner LMS?

Your company is looking for a channel partner LMS that is easy for both you and your partners to use and capable of conveying information in an engaging way. Among the features you will want to be sure to look for are:

  • Sub-portals or Multi-tenancy ensuring that each partner you work with is trained on the information most relevant to their roles. 
  • Integrations with your CRM and other software systems, so that all of your data is easily accessible from one central location.
  • Gamification elements such as leader boards, which help motivate your learners and show them how  they’re doing in their courses. 
  • Support from your channel partner LMS software provider, so that you can get your courses up and running (and keep them updated) with ease. 

When your partners are engaged in the learning process and administrating and updating your channel partner LMS is easy for your company, both you and they are sure to benefit from this valuable training resource. 


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